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I believe I said I’ll be doing two sessions today didn’t I? I had my Cardio session earlier in the afternoon. Did 1 solid hour on the cycling machine with different resistance/intensity. I wanted to do the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), it was kind of difficult on that machine. My butt hurts.

I went back to the gym an hour before the gym closes. Did my due Back & Biceps. Unfortunately though I only did two exercises each.

Dumb-Bell Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps. 3×20

One-Arm Row L/R and Dumb-Bell Reverse Flye. 3×20.

The gym has limited equipments but it was nice for a change. Better than home. I only did the previous weeks’ workouts mostly at home. I used heavier weights so that should do it.

To finish that off I went back to my room and did some Cross Body Crunch L/R 3×20.

Ok I know today I missed out almost half of the exercises but I will make it up next time. I’m seriously thinking of doubling the workout once fasting is over. Which will be in a few days. Furthermore I will be signing up for a gym membership around next week (or the week after). That means, bunch of equipments equals new exercises!


Remember what I told you about “we can only plan”? I planned on going to the gym once I set foot in my hotel here in Bangkok. I was already wearing my gym attire. Before leaving my room, my gut tells me to phone the fitness center before going.

My gut was right. The gym closes in less than half an hour. So no Back & Biceps for me today. Will work on that tomorrow together with my Cardio.

Another major Running/Charity event this year in Brunei by BIBD.

My 2 weeks leave is now over. One thing about my work is the schedule changes almost every week. I can only plan my weekly workout routine but it will need adjustments when duty calls. I’m going to Bangkok for two nights, I guess this wont really affect anything. The hotel gym should have all the equipments.

I need to figure out how to bring my supplements. I don’t want to bring huge bottles in my luggage.

Excuses are for those who don’t want it bad enough.