First of all i would like to say happy Ramadhan!

This is suppose to be a very healthy and motivating blog to read, but i shall try my best to make it less boring because honest to god i suck at this -___- (pardon my annoying facial expression)

Ok so, i basically run whenever i feel super duper fat (which is most of the time) but the problem is i want to be better and faster, so this blog will record what food i take in and my running and hiking activities. oh oh, and i will do the 8 weeks challenge as well hehehe but not me trying to get buff or sexy or anything hahaha noooooo, thats for the boys. In this upcoming 8 weeks, i want to be able to run better than i did before and to record my journey and sharing it so stay with me.

This is my first post, so im still a bit clueless on what exactly i should be sharing so let me continue this next time. But for now have a great sahur everybody. Jangan lupa beniat and minum air.

– i may not be the fittest or the fastest but definitely want to be better. xx mo