Its been a while since I last post anything here. Been slacking lately since the previous goal was to be ready for my Sunway Lagoon trip back in September. The progress went pretty well, I was fit back then but I am back with a new and different goal.

Here I am ready to share with you the Beliahood #2 for my Pattaya trip later this August. I have a game to attend, that’s important but other than that, looking forward to the beaches!

The overall goal is to be fit for my Badminton tournament. Other goals; broader shoulders/chest, bigger arms and get that abs, especially lower abs and obliques.

Can I do this in 4 months? We’ll wait and see!

Today I did my Chest and Triceps:

DB flat bench press 20lb each 3×12
Decline press 35lbx2x12 + 45lbx10
Incline press 20lb each 3×10
Flye 45lbx3x9
DB overhead extension 25lbx3x10
Triceps overhead pull 40lbx15, 50lbx12, 60×8
Triceps Pulldown 50lbsx12x3 55lbs3x10