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Did some Back last Thursday. I’ve been working all weekend.

Lat pull down(overhead) 45lbsx12, 55lbsx10, 65lbsx10   
Close Grip Cable Pull 90lbsx15, 110lbsx15, 130lbsx15
Wide Grip Cable Pull 100lbsx15, 110lbsx15, 120lbsx12
Deadlift 70lbs+BB 3×10
Lower back (cant remember the name of this exercise) 3×10


Yesterday I had a free time so I went to the gym and did Shoulders/Delts.

Lat pull down 45lb 3×10
Shoulder press 10lbs 3×10
BB assisted/empty shoulder press 3×10
DB Lateral Raise 2.5lbs each 3×15
Front raise 25lbs plate 3×10
DB front raise 2.5lbs each 3×15
Extension pull-up 45lnsx12, 50lbsx12, 55lbsx12
DB Shrugs 40lbs each 12,12,15

Maybe I should do some supersets with the light-weights exercises.

Today I’m resting. My upper body is all burned out.


One for lunch and the other for dinner. More like meal 3 and meal 4. Boiled Brown Rice and baked marinated Chicken Breasts.

I marinated the Chicken with Teriyaki sauce, sliced Capsicum, Onions, Garlic and sprinkled it with dry mint leaves.

Its been a while since I last post anything here. Been slacking lately since the previous goal was to be ready for my Sunway Lagoon trip back in September. The progress went pretty well, I was fit back then but I am back with a new and different goal.

Here I am ready to share with you the Beliahood #2 for my Pattaya trip later this August. I have a game to attend, that’s important but other than that, looking forward to the beaches!

The overall goal is to be fit for my Badminton tournament. Other goals; broader shoulders/chest, bigger arms and get that abs, especially lower abs and obliques.

Can I do this in 4 months? We’ll wait and see!

Today I did my Chest and Triceps:

DB flat bench press 20lb each 3×12
Decline press 35lbx2x12 + 45lbx10
Incline press 20lb each 3×10
Flye 45lbx3x9
DB overhead extension 25lbx3x10
Triceps overhead pull 40lbx15, 50lbx12, 60×8
Triceps Pulldown 50lbsx12x3 55lbs3x10