I believe I said I’ll be doing two sessions today didn’t I? I had my Cardio session earlier in the afternoon. Did 1 solid hour on the cycling machine with different resistance/intensity. I wanted to do the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), it was kind of difficult on that machine. My butt hurts.

I went back to the gym an hour before the gym closes. Did my due Back & Biceps. Unfortunately though I only did two exercises each.

Dumb-Bell Curls and Concentration Curls for Biceps. 3×20

One-Arm Row L/R and Dumb-Bell Reverse Flye. 3×20.

The gym has limited equipments but it was nice for a change. Better than home. I only did the previous weeks’ workouts mostly at home. I used heavier weights so that should do it.

To finish that off I went back to my room and did some Cross Body Crunch L/R 3×20.

Ok I know today I missed out almost half of the exercises but I will make it up next time. I’m seriously thinking of doubling the workout once fasting is over. Which will be in a few days. Furthermore I will be signing up for a gym membership around next week (or the week after). That means, bunch of equipments equals new exercises!