I didn’t do the Triceps & Chest today BUT I did 9 hills hike at Bukit Shah Bandar. Took me about over an hour to finish the whole route. Considering that I was fasting, I think I did OK. Wanted to try sweating it out just before breaking my fast. The result, no problem at all.

So we’re back to normal routine. I’ll do the T&C today, Monday. Just before breaking my fast cause I’ll be working at night.

Same routine as the 2nd Week, for Week 3 we will do it 3 sets of 15-20 reps this time. Talked to good friend about variations of weight lifting. Badt suggested I should make the reps higher for this week. He’s my go-to buddy whenever it comes with weight lifting. He shocked the hell out of me when I got back from my studies abroad. He buffed up big time. Aesthetic kind of buff. Very lean and super shredded. So who’s a better guy to talk to than him, right? My other friends are very much interested but most of them whines almost about anything.

“Its sooo harddddd..”

“I like food, I love chocolate.”

“I’m always fat…”

“I don’t have the genes..”

“I’m busy. I’m tired. I want to sleep”