Malay culture is full of food. When I say food, it’s full on oily fatty food. The basic must-have food on the plate will be white rice. That’s on normal days by itself for mostly lunch and dinner. After fasting month, we celebrate like crazy. Food, fireworks and more food. Almost like Chinese New Years. There will be fried crackers, lots of colorful cakes, whole dictionary of carbonated drinks and lots other stuff. Imagine you eat them at least 5 times a day for 2 weeks!

Yesterday I went to a family gathering. I normally just gulped in all the food I see on the table. But the only good food I saw were Cucumbers, Oranges, Grapes & Watermelons. I had those and also small portions of White Rice etc.

I was shocked at how I’ve changed over the past 3 months. Mentally I think I managed to scrape my ‘normal’ diet into healthier choices.

Family & friends were saying “how do you live eating only those?” Or “why do you eat like westerners?”.

I choose to live healthy. I like how it makes me feel. I’d like to maintain this lifestyle as long as I can.