I had a very disappointing dinner today. Went to Pizza Hut and had some Pizzas and Lasagna. I could blame my friend for making me eat there but you and I both know that I am to blame.

I found out about this diet those gym goers do. They eat 5 or more small portions per day. One of the many reasons why they eat in smaller portion is because they want to make their stomach smaller and of course resulting in showing 6 packs. Don’t want to explain too much cause I don’t understand those scientific terms they use. Good thing is we only had small portions yesterday but still the meal’s calorie count was probably.. definitely above 1000.


This is for you Bob. Ditch those yummy lambs! HAHA!

I did my Legs & Shoulders workout a little bit late last night. Started around 11pm. Out of guilt, I did a longer jog today with my siblings. Would’ve gone for a longer route just to burn that extra calories I ate earlier.

So that is the end of week 1. I’m going off to Miri this weekend with the family. I WILL TRY not to eat too much.