In addition to the Back & Biceps workout today, I did 30 minutes jog and Flat Bench Legs Raise, 3 sets of 12 reps.

Tomorrow’s workout is the same as Tuesday’s. Pick any Cardio you like eg. Badminton, Running, Swimming, Spinning, Hiking etc. And end it with the Abs workout.

I’m not going to annoy you with my hourly diary. The first two days were just a reminder to myself that even in such busy days, I can squeeze the workout. All it takes is discipline. Easy to say but we’ll get through it.

to start with, the workouts are designed to get your body used to training. You’ll learn how to stabilize your own bodyweight and get your neuromuscular connections firing, so that your body adapts quickly and is ready for the harder work to come in later weeks – MF